About Cryo Agent

In 2025, several international intelligence agencies intercept an alien radio frequency from lower-Earth orbit.
After deciphering the code, they discover an alien invasion planned for the year 2077. 100 countries come together to sequence DNA to form 100 über soldiers to defend Earth against the alien attack. Once fully grown and expertly trained, the super soldiers are put into a deep sleep, frozen in cryo pods to await the future invasion. To protect the agents, each pod has been hidden across the globe in 100 secret locations.
Alien scouts have uncovered this plan and will spend the next 50 years finding and destroying 76 of these cryo pods. As the aliens continue to hunt for the remaining pods, Cryo Agent X77 is awakened early from his slumber in the Arctic of Northern Norway. His assignment is to protect the 23 surviving agents, stop the invasion, and save all of humanity with it.
Agent x77
Agent x78
Lady Phallon